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A Collection is a set of records that doesn't fit neatly into our standard search model used for statutory burial and cremation records. This can be due to record content or searchability.

Collections are primarily offered to Deceased Online by independent parties (not burial or cremation authorities) such as researchers compiling, photographing and/or transcribing lists of old records, or cemetery memorials for example. Access to such collections may be purely by purchasing the whole collection and browsing; but in some cases searching by deceased's name and date is also available.

There are two possible methods of accessing records in a collection: via the standard search facility, and by purchasing directly from a list of collections and browsing. The first option is available now, and the second will be added very soon.

Method one of searching collections

Where a collection's records are searchable on name of deceased, then the collection will be listed in the results from the standard search method. Forenames and dates specified in the search criteria may be ignored if these aren't able to be linked together in the collection's records. For example, with memorial inscription transcripts, the surname, forenames and dates may be indexed individually, but proximity information may not be available, so the search facility cannot allocate forename to surname. Inscriptions of interest may nevertheless exist in the collection, and the best we can do is indicate that the surname does exist in at least one of its inscriptions.

When a collection contains the surname in the search, an entry appears in the Search Results table. For example, when searching for Dunn

There are 5 headstone records with this name in a collection
Recorded at:
Fortroy Church

Clicking on this entry gives the following entries in the Further Information section (Register Summary screen):

All 412 headstones in this cemetery
About ...
Just the 5 headstones matching Dunn
About ...


You now have the option of purchasing for £2.00 access to just the headstone inscriptions containing "Dunn", or purchasing for £4.50 access to the whole collection containing 412 inscriptions.

In either case, you may browse records in the (sub)collection and view any associated records such as photos. Searching on names and dates (year only) may be available within the (sub)collection, but currently this does not include wild card searches or part-name searches.

Click on an "about..." link to display a page describing in detail just what you can expect with this item, giving you all the information you need before making a purchase.

Note that, if you first purchase access to the single-name subset, then on return to this page the cost of the full collection option has been reduced by the £2.00 already spent. If you purchase access to one or more single-name subsets of a collection, and then, before your viewing rights expire, subsequently decide to purchase the whole collection, the cost of the collection will be reduced by the cost of one subset search.

Method two of searching collections

Each contributor of collections has its own entry in the list of Participating Cemeteries and Crematoria, available under Database Coverage at the foot of the home page. On the page will be a link to another page on which is listed all the collections offered by that contributor, with the option to purchase access with credits. This method will be available shortly.

Whichever search method is used, once access is purchased, the collection or subset may be viewed for one year, during which time you can make your own copies of images and transcripts to keep permanently, subject to our website Terms and Conditions.


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