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Pricing Schedule

Last updated: 12th January 2023

The following schedule shows how much it will cost you to view the full records, images and maps associated with the burials and cremations recorded in the database.

Pay-Per-View Pricing Schedule
Information Price (£)
Burial register scan* 2.20
Cremation register scan* 2.20
Transcribed burial register entry* 2.20
Transcribed cremation register entry* 2.20
Grave details and other interments 1.60
Image of a grave memorial** 2.20
Maps showing a grave or memorial location Individually priced
Collection of cemetery memorial images Individually priced
according to size
Sub-collection of memorial image(s)*** 2.00

* If both a register page scan and a transcribed register entry appear for a burial or a cremation, then you will only be charged once for viewing both.
** This is for an image of an identified grave found using the register based search method.
*** This is for one or more grave memorial images and inscription transcript(s) in a cemetery sub-collection of
memorial inscriptions which include the required surname.

Bigger bonuses for higher value pay-per-view vouchers

Price (£) Bonus (£) Total value (£)
5.00 0 5.00
10.00 0.70 10.70
25.00 2.50 27.50
50.00 7.50 57.50

Subscription Voucher Pricing
Subscriptions allow you to view all records except maps
and whole cemetery headstone collections, for which you
will need pay-per-view vouchers.

Subscription Period Views Permitted Price (£)
Silver 1 year 500 99.00
Gold 1 year 2,000 279.00
Platinum 1 year 5,000 549.00

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