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Mapping out cemeteries and burial grounds in Angus

After conducting research and finding the cemetery, churchyard or burial ground where an ancestor is buried, many family historians are frustrated that they cannot find the plot or even a rough location for their ancestor's last resting place. And on a cold, wet Tuesday afternoon in February there is usually no-one around to ask and, even if there were, they may well not be able to help.

For nearly 100,000 burials in over 64,000 graves (lairs) in the Scottish county of Angus, Deceased Online has just made this job much easier. The largest cemeteries in the region (and some smaller ones too) have been digitised and are now available online, showing the exact locations of most of the grave plots. (There are a few small areas where we are still resolving queries which we hope to rectify shortly).

Three maps are available for each grave, starting with the whole of the cemetery overview and zooming in to the immediate vicinity of the highlighted target grave. The grave reference number already supplied, together with the maps, make it is easy to find all graves even if there are no memorials or even grave reference markings.

The Angus cemeteries and burial grounds where maps are now available are:

- Airlie Churchyard
- Arbroath Eastern Cemetery
- Arbroath Western Cemetery
- Barry Churchyard extension
- Brechin Cemetery + extension
- Guthrie Churchyard
- Kirriemuir Cemetery
- Newmonthill Cemetery + extension
- Sleepyhillock Cemetery extension

Further details of the cemeteries and numbers of burials are contained in the database coverage section of the website.

We are currently working on maps for thousands more graves in Angus and we hope to add these to Deceased Online in the near future.

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