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How to buy vouchers to spend when you need to.
How to buy vouchers to spend when you need to.
Ways to pay

With Deceased Online you can pay to view records in two ways: Pay-per-view and Subscriptions.


With pay-per-view you pay only for the items you want to see.

To use pay-per-view you purchase vouchers online using your credit or debit card. As soon as the voucher values are added to your account, you will be sent an email receipt and notification that you have 6 months in which to use the vouchers before they expire.

Each time you wish to view an item you will be told the cost to view it. As you view the item your account balance will be reduced accordingly. If you have already viewed an item, then you may re-view it without further charge for 6 months after initial viewing. We recommend that you download and save any images you might wish to revisit after this time.

When your vouchers reach their expiry date then any unspent balances from those vouchers will be cleared from your account. However, by purchasing further vouchers before the original ones expire, you can extend the expiry date of the original vouchers to be the same as that of the new credits. Also, if you purchase more vouchers within 6 months of any unused voucher amount expiring, the unused amount will be reinstated to your account.

For information on how much it costs to view records, images and maps with pay-per-view, please see our Pricing Schedule

Subscription Vouchers

With subscription vouchers you can enjoy unlimited access to all our pay per view content, except maps and whole cemetery headstone collections. For these you will need to purchase pay-per-view vouchers.

Subscription Vouchers last for 12 months and work in a similar way to regular subscriptions. The difference with Subscription Vouchers is that you are not purchasing a subscription at the point you pay, but purchasing a face value voucher that is held un-spent until the end of the "subscription" period, when a VAT invoice will be available for all the records viewed, and the voucher will be used to pay the invoice. (This procedure is necessary for proper VAT accounting).

Once you have a subscription, if you have unused pay-per-view vouchers in your account these vouchers can only be used to view information excluded from subscriptions such as maps and whole-cemetery headstone collections. If you are not expecting to view such information then you may wish to consider using up your pay-per-view vouchers before purchasing a subscription.

Alternatively you can cash-in your pay-per-view vouchers and put their value (excluding any bonuses) towards your subscription, up to a maximum of approximately 25% of the subscription value (depending on the value(s) of your vouchers). Any bonus balance associated with your cashed-in vouchers will be cleared. Should your pay-per-view vouchers exceed the maximum cash-in amount then the difference will remain in your account.

When you take out a subscription, any pay-per-view vouchers left in your account that were due to expire before the subscription will have their expiry date changed to that of the subscription expiry.

When you view records with a subscription voucher, you may view that item again as many times as you wish, for no additional charge, for a period of 6 months after the end of the subscription period.

You can view the invoice for your Subscription Voucher from the Voucher Details link on the left-hand-side of the home page, at the end of the subscription period.

For information on the cost of Subscription Vouchers, please see our Pricing Schedule

Access to Advanced Searching

Simple searching is FREE, and free Advanced Searching is available to registered users who have purchased pay-per-view vouchers during the last six months or who have a subscription. Advanced searches can be restricted as required to country, region, county, burial authority, cemetery or crematorium.

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