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Gillingham Town Council

Gillingham Town Council,
School Road,

The town of Gillingham is the northern-most town in the county of Dorset in England's South West region. Locals are keen to point out that the name is pronounced with a hard 'G' (as in 'goal') and not a soft 'G' (as in 'Germany') as is the case with Gillingham in Kent. It has both a Roman and Saxon history and was recorded as Gelingeham in the Domesday Book.

Records on Deceased Online
There are two cemeteries in the town; Gillingham Cemetery and the Garden of Remembrance, both located at Cemetery Road, Gillingham, Dorset SP8 4DL.
All burial records are available, which date from 1861 through to 2011 and comprise:
- Scans of original registers
- Grave details indicating all those buried within each grave
- A detailed map showing the location of the grave for Gillingham Cemetery
- The total number of individual burials recorded is nearly 5,600.

Note: to comply with UK data protection and GDPR, addresses of the deceased are masked in register scans for the last 15 years.

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