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Gillingham Town Council

Gillingham Town Council,
School Road,
SP8 4QR,

The town of Gillingham is the northern-most town in the county of Dorset in England's South West region. Locals are keen to point out that the name is pronounced with a hard 'G' (as in “goal”) and not a soft 'G' (as in “Germany”) as is the case with Gillingham in Kent.
It has both a Roman and Saxon history and was recorded as Gelingeham in the Domesday Book.

Records on Deceased Online
There are two cemeteries in the town; Gillingham Cemetery and the Garden of Remembrance, both located at Cemetery Road, Gillingham, Dorset SP8 4DL.
All burial records are available, which date from 1861 through to 2011 and comprise: Scans of original registersGrave details indicating all those buried within each graveA detailed map showing the location of the grave for Gillingham Cemetery The total number of individual burials recorded is nearly 5,600. For more information about Gillingham:,_Dorset

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