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Aberdeenshire Council

Aberdeenshire Council Registration and Burial Services, Peterhead Area, Arbuthnott House, Broad Street, Peterhead, Aberdeenshire, AB42 1DA.

Aberdeenshire Council is the local authority responsible for Scotland's 4th largest region by size and 6th largest by population. Although located within the borders of Aberdeenshire, Aberdeen City is a separate authority with its own council. Aberdeenshire is the only Scottish council to have its offices not located within in its own administration area.

Already, over half the burial records for Aberdeen City are available exclusively on Deceased Online together with all records for Angus, another Aberdeenshire neighbour in North East Scotland.  Another major council area in North East Scotland will be added later in 2014. Aberdeenshire Council manages some 200 burial grounds and cemeteries, of varying sizes, spread over 2,439 square miles, and Deceased Online has digitised all records available for each of these. There are nearly 250,000 individual names or burials representing over 600,000 records. The full list of sites is included in the Coverage page.
In most instances, the records comprise:

  • Digital scans of burial, mortality or lair (grave) registers
  • Lair details indicating all those buried within each lair

The following will be added in due course:

  • Maps indicating the section of a cemetery or burial ground where lairs are located
  • Photographs of a small number of the memorials

The earliest records date back to 1615 and the latest are for 2010. There are many interesting records in the area. There are celebrated individuals such as Queen Victoria's friend and personal servant, John Brown, and the first Scottish men's singles Wimbledon champion Herbert Fortescue Lawford. The data collection is very diverse and the North Sea and coastal areas have claimed many victims. Tragically, many of these older records have “Unknown” bodies and some even feature various anonymous body parts. Some of the registers feature great details such as occupations or status together with the usual range of names, addresses, dates of burial, grave references etc.
Other information: Read a selection of blogs about the area and the Deceased Online records in our blog: Aberdeenshire Council:

Note:  For the purposes of the UK Data Protection Act, the names and addresses of funeral applicants, where they have been recorded, for burials during the last 75 years have been withheld from publication.
Aberdeenshire Council have requested that the addresses of the deceased not be shown in the burial register scan for the last 15 years and all details of recent burials are not shown until they are 3 years old. 

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