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City of Wolverhampton Council

City of Wolverhampton Council manages seven cemeteries and one crematorium.
City of Wolverhampton Council,
Civic Centre,
St Peter's Square,
United Kingdom,

website: City of Wolverhampton Council

The city of Wolverhampton is located in the West Midlands of England and is named after Wulfrun, who founded the town in 985. Other historic records refer to the town as Heantune and Hamtun, and by 1381 the town appeared in certain records as Wolveren Hampton. By the 19th century Wolverhampton was a wealthy and affluent town due to the huge industry formed around the abundance of coal and iron in the area. In the year 2000 Wolverhampton was granted city status.

Records on Deceased Online

  • Beacon Hill Cemetery, 4,470 records from 1960 to 1992
  • Bilston Cemetery, 64,600 records from 1855 to 1993
  • Bushbury Cemetery, 19,973 records from 1949 to 1994
  • Danescourt Cemetery, 4,628 records from 1959 to 1989
  • Merridale Cemetery, 115,530 records from 1850 to 1993
  • Bushbury Crematorium, 75,023 records from 1954 to 1988

The records comprise digital scans of the full burial, grant, or cremation registers up to 1989 and a mix of grave and index register scans thereafter, section maps showing the location of the grave for most records, and grave details for each of the graves and their occupants.

Further information:

Other local records in the region available on Deceased Online courtesy of the National Archives for the West Midlands and records for Sandwell Metropolitan Borough Council and East Staffordshire Borough Council.

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