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Fife, Scotland – Headstone Collections

These records (from Scottish Monumental Inscriptions) comprise photographs of headstones and memorials with digitized transcribed inscriptions for easy reading.

You can search for these records through the usual 'free search' and 'advance search' facilities on the website. In advance search, you can specifically search under the 'headstone collections' option as well as entering details in other search fields. With all searches, when you find a 'headstone collection' register summary, you can either purchase/download all records (photographs and transcriptions) for an entire cemetery or burial ground or the featured headstone(s) only.

The administrative area of Fife Council is located on the east coast of Scotland just north of the Firth of Forth and Edinburgh and bordered by Perth and Kinross and Clackmannanshire to the west. In this headstone collection, there are over 106,000 recorded names available to search, with associated photographs and transcripts of headstones and memorials with digitized transcribed inscriptions. All the burial sites together with the earliest date recorded for any readable headstone are indicated below:

Burial grounds and cemeteries mentioned in italic are currently only available through Headstone Collections. A link to these results is available above the normal search results or an Advance Search can be limited to Headstone Collections only.

Burial grounds and cemeteries in Fife Earliest Readable Year
Abbotshall Churchyard, Fife 1706
Abdie Churchyard, Fife 1753
Abercrombie Old Churchyard, Fife 1591
Aberdour Old and New Cemetery, Fife 1793
Aberdour St Fillans Churchyard, Fife 1608
Anstruther Cemetery, Fife 1863
Anstruther East and West Churchyards, Fife 1593
Auchterderran Churchyard and Bowhill Cemetery, Fife 1756
Auchtermuchty Church and Cemetery, Fife 1677
Auchtertool Churchyard and Cemetery, Fife 1714
Ballingry Churchyard and Cemetery, Fife 1759
Beath New Cemetery, Fife 1834
Beath Old Cemetery, Fife 1757
Bennochy Cemetery, Fife 1862
Boarhills Churchyards, Fife 1786
Burntisland Cemetery, Fife 1838
Burntisland Churchyards of Kirkton and St Columbas, Fife 1756
Cairneyhill Churchyard, Fife 1760
Cameron Church Cemetery, Fife 1733
Carnbee Churchyard, Fife 1742
Ceres Church Cemetery, Fife 1682
Crail Church and Cemetery, Fife 1656
Crombie Churchyard, Fife 1753
Creich Churchyard, Fife 1766
Culross Churchyard, Fife 1874
Culross West Kirk and Culross Abbey, Fife 1753
Cults Church and Cemetery, Fife 1770
Cupar Churchyard and St James Cemetery, Fife 1776
Dairsie Church and Extension, Fife 1743
Dalgety Churchyard, Fife 1779
Douglas Bank Cemetery, Fife 1838
Dunbog Churchyard, Fife 1752
Dunino Churchyard, Fife 1764
East Wemyss MacDuff, Fife part 1 1850
East Wemyss MacDuff, Fife part 2 1904
Elie Churchyard, Fife 1635
Falkland Burial Grounds, Fife 1674
Flisk Churchyard, Fife 1752
Ferryport On Craig Churchyard, Fife 1703
Ferryport On Craig Cemetery, Fife 1822
Forgan Churchyard, Fife 1756
Pittenweem Cemetery, Fife 1675
Rosyth Old Churchyard, Fife 1635
Saline Old Churchyard and Cemetery, Fife 1667
Scoonie Cemetery, Fife 1710
St Adrians, West Wemyss, Fife 1704
St Andrews Eastern Cemetery 1823
St Marys on the Sea Churchyard, East Wemyss, Fife 1735
St Monans Cemetery, Fife 1695
St Monans Churchyard, Fife 1665
Strathmiglo Churchyard and Cemetery, Fife 1681
Tulliallan Churchyard, Fife 1683
Vicarsford Cemetery, Fife 1811

The transcriptions have been prepared by a dedicated group of friends, based in Fife, directly from the headstone and memorial photographs they have taken. Many of these headstones are extremely old and weathered, making the inscriptions difficult to read. It is therefore impossible for Scottish Monumental Inscriptions or Deceased Online to guarantee the accuracy or completeness of the transcriptions.

It should also be noted that headstones are memorials and frequently mention relatives and friends who are not buried in that grave. Also in Scotland a married woman is often, but not always, recorded by her maiden name.

For more information on collections and how they can be searched, see the Help page "Collections" under "Searching" in the Help index, or click here.

More specific information about these collections in particular can be found by clicking the "about..." links next to these collections when they are offered in search results.

Deceased Online Ltd has been granted licence by Scottish Monumental Inscriptions to display the indexes for search purposes and to sell the headstone photographs and inscription transcripts. Copyright of these images and transcripts remains with Scottish Monumental Inscriptions.

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