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Sawston Parish Council – Cambridgeshire

Cemetery Services, Sawston Parish Council, Link Road, Sawston, Cambridge, CB22 3GB.

Approximately 1,900 burial records from Sawston Cemetery, Sawston, Cambridge have been placed online with associated burial register scans. Cemetery maps showing the exact location of each grave are currently being prepared. These records cover all burials dating back to 1882 when the first cemetery opened.

Scope of published data:

Sawston Cemetery – Added 18 April 2011
1,892 burials, dated 1 November 1947 to 4 May 2010, are available as burial register scans with 20 entries per scanned page.

Sawston Council have requested that the addresses of the deceased not be shown in the burial register scan for the last 15 years.
Viewers will not be able to view the most recent burial data until it is three years old to allow the families of the deceased time to inform all relatives.

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