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Norfolk Monument Inscriptions

Collected by Louise Cocker

Deceased Online are proud to host an enormous collection of photographs of Norfolk cemeteries, taken by Norfolk resident Louise Cocker. The first 90 cemetery collections, a total of over 10,000 photographs, are currently live on the website and many thousands more are currently in process.

In her spare time, Louise has been photographing the headstones and memorials of Norfolk with her mother, Angela, since 2009. "It's something I am very passionate about," Louise told Deceased Online, "As I think it is important for future generations to be able to see where their ancestors are buried." As headstones and memorials erode and wear down over time, Lousie's work has become very important for preserving the memories and stories contained within these cemeteries.

The collection comprises many thousands of photographs of headstones, memorials, plaques, and war dedications; some of which date from the 1600's. Many of the older inscriptions contain a lot of information valuable to historians and family researchers, such as the lineage and names of surviving children of the deceased.

Search Tips for this Collection

Due to the nature of this collection, some records may be difficult to find. Where headstones have weathered and eroded over time, some parts of the memorial text may be rendered illegible. Using a percentage symbol (%) in place of a surname or forename will bring up all names, including those recorded as illegible.

Example - Searching for "White, Sophie Anna" - no records found.
"%, Sophie Anna" will display all records with the forename Sophie Anna.
"White, %" will display all records with the surname White.
"White, Sophie %" will display all Sophie Whites, with any middle name.

For more efficient searching, use the date of death in the burial date field. If a name has less than two characters it will return more than one result so that you have greater control over finding the correct one.

Although the memorial inscriptions feature of the website has been designed for headstones, we've included other photos where the information might be of interest. This includes photos of plaques, sketches of the layout of graves, portraits, lists of commemorations, and long shots of the churchyards showing the relative positions of the memorials. We've prefixed some inscriptions to make it clearer what the photo will show.

Some inscriptions are too long to include; particularly ones such as war memorials, which are a long list of names. Unless the surname is in the inscription, the search will return the name but on entering the record it says there are no results. Users will need to click clear to display the inscriptions.

Should you have multiple relations in the same churchyard or cemetery, it may be more cost effective for you to purchase the entire collection of photographs for that churchyard or cemetery, rather than purchasing individual photographs.

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