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City of Lincoln Council

City of Lincoln Council,
Bereavement Services,
Lincoln Crematorium,
Washingborough Road,
LN4 1EF.

The City of Lincoln has a long and ancient history dating from the Iron Age and then settled and established as a flourishing centre by the Romans and later the Vikings. The City again flourished during Medieval times with the formation of a mint and, in the 11th century and on the orders of William the Conqueror, the construction of a short-lived cathedral building which, very unusually, was destroyed by earthquake. Reconstructed in the late 12th century, the then Lincoln Minster was a stunning building which boasted the highest tower in Europe.

In 1215, the Bishop of Lincoln was a witness to the signing of Magna Carta at Runnymede and the City still plays host to one of the original copies. William the Conqueror was also responsible for the construction of Lincoln Castle which, in 2015 – the 800th anniversary of the signing of the Magna Carta - will host a special display within the newly constructed Magna Carta Vault, see

Lincoln has also had strong associations with major cultural and historic events of national significance from the establishment of weaving and the famous Lincoln Green cloth, through the tragic times of Jewish persecution, the Dissolution of the Monasteries, the English Civil War, the Agricultural Revolution and, with the arrival of the railways, the industrial revolution in the 19th Century.

More on the history of the City of Lincoln:,_England and

Records on Deceased Online

The records on Deceased Online are for the following Lincoln cemeteries and Lincoln Crematorium:
Canwick Road Cemetery (both the new and old cemeteries): records from 1856. Eastgate Cemetery: records from 1856Newport Cemetery: records from 1856St Margaret's Cemetery: records from 1907St Swithin’s, Washingborough Road: records from 1890Lincoln Crematorium 1968 (68,100)

Records are available through until 2011 and comprise:
Scans of original registers (until the 1990's when replaced by computerised records, dates vary by site)Computerised register records (from the 1990's, dates vary by site)Grave details indicating all those buried within each graveMaps indicating the section of a cemetery where graves are located

The total number of individual burials in the locations above is approximately 70,000 with over 68,000 cremations records.

For more information about the City of Lincoln records on Deceased Online, see: Deceased Online blog:

Other records in the region on
St Mark's Church, Lincoln (1707-1886) and St Michael's Church, Stamford, Lincolnshire (1703-1857) both have records within The National Archives, Removal of Graves and Tombstones collection. Gainsborough Town Council, 1875-2010

There are numerous other authorities and records for areas throughout the English East Midlands available on Search the 'database coverage' section on the website either by date added or alpha by name.

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