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London Borough of Lewisham

Cemeteries and Crematorium,
Hither Green Crematorium,
Verdant Lane,
SE6 1TP,
Tel: 02083143210

The London Borough of Lewisham is an inner South London borough, bordered by Southwark to the west, Greenwich to the east (both of which also have all burial and cremation records on Deceased Online) and Bromley to the south. The north of the borough in Deptford has a short stretch bordering the River Thames immediately opposite the Isle of Dogs.

Deptford Creek, Pool River, the River Ravensbourne and the wonderfully named River Quaggy all run through the borough and as well as Deptford, the major areas in the borough are Blackheath, Brockley, Catford, Forest Hill, Ladywell, New Cross, Sydenham and Lewisham centre.

The borough includes many areas of historic interest including the old heathland of Blackheath, the closed Royal Navy Docks dating back to the Elizabethan era and the wonderful Horniman Museum.

Available on Deceased Online:
- Brockley Cemetery, burial records from 1858 - 1999
- Ladywell Cemetery, burial records from 1858 - 1999
- Grove Park Cemetery, burial records from 1935 - 1999
- Hither Green Cemetery, burial records from 1873 - 1999
- Hither Green Crematorium, cremation records from 1956 - 1995

Records comprise:
- Digital scans of original burial and cremation registers
- Grave details including all those buried in each grave
- Maps indicating the sections for 90% of graves
- Computerised records from the late 1990s

Brockley and Ladywell Cemeteries
Brockley and Ladywell Cemeteries were built on adjacent plots of land and opened within a month of each other in 1858. They are two of the most interesting and historic cemeteries in South East London. The local charity Friends of Brockley and Ladywell Cemeteries (FOBLC) has a website with many interesting blogs and articles about the history of these cemeteries and many of the notable people buried there including those listed below as listed on the FOBLC website:

Notable Burials:
Joseph Henry Blackburne (1841 - 1924), dominated the English chess scene in late 19th century
Horatio Henry Couldery (1832 - 1918), one of the best-known Victorian painters of animals
Jane Clouson (1854 - 1871), murdered girl with a monument paid for by public donations
Ernest Dowson (1867 - 1900), poet and decadent movement artist
Sir William Eames (1821 - 1897), marine engineer
Sir John Gilbert (1817 - 1897), illustrator, drawing for the Illustrated London News and designed a cover for Punch
Sir George Grove (1820 - 1900), first director of the Royal College of Music, 1882, and author of 'Dictionary of Music and Musicians'
Sir William Hardy (1807 - 1887), Deputy Keeper of Public Records, 1878-1886
Lionel de Jersey Harvard, "the only Harvard to attend Harvard", died in World War I
George Lacy Hillier (1856-1941), an English racing cyclist and pioneer of British cycling
David Jones (1895 - 1974), war poet and artist
Fernando Tarrida del M'rmol (1861 - 1915), Cuban anarchist writer
Margaret McMillan (1860 - 1931), educational reformer
Sir Alexander Nisbet (1812 - 1892), Inspector General of the Royal Navy and honorary physician to the Queen
William Stephens [disambiguation needed] (1817 - 1871), Grand Warden of the Grand Lodge of England
E. H. Windred (1875 - 1953), painter of racing pigeons

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