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Eltham Crematorium - Greenwich, London

Crown Woods Way, Greenwich, London SE9 2AZ

The service is run by the Greenwich, Bexley and Dartford Joint Committee. The crematorium opened in 1956 and is one of the busiest in the UK. All 210,000 cremation register records are now available, with a mixture of register scans and computerised records. Maps showing the scattering locations are also available.

Scope of the data - Eltham Crematorium.

210,000 records are available online, covering the period from opening on the 15th August 1956. This information has associated cremation register scans up to 1996 with 10 entries per scan, thereafter information is available as computerised data only. The data typically includes name of deceased, address, marital status, cremation number, date of cremation, date of death, age, sex, denomination, occupation, applicant and death registration details. Information on the disposal of ashes is also available.

Where the ashes have been scattered or buried at Eltham Crematorium, maps are available showing the area where the ashes were buried or scattered.


For the purposes of the UK Data Protection Act, the names and addresses of cremation applicants and the addresses of the deceased during the last 15 years have been withheld from publication.


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