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Cheshire East Council

Cemeteries and crematoria in Cheshire East are managed by Orbitas Bereavement Services, a company owned and controlled by Cheshire East Borough Council.

Orbitas Bereavement Services Ltd
Cemetery Office
Market Close

As part of structural changes to local government, Cheshire East Borough Council was established in 2009 to form an amalgamation of the former boroughs of Macclesfield, Congleton, and Crewe and Nantwich. At that time, the former Cheshire County Council was split into East and West, and Chester Council was also established as a unitary authority and borough council (records also available on Deceased Online).

Cheshire East is bordered by Greater Manchester to the north, Derbyshire to the east, Staffordshire and Shropshire to the south and, of course, Cheshire West on its western border.

The area contains many towns associated with the industrial revolution and particularly textile mills, many specialising in silk, such as Congleton, Macclesfield, and Sandbach. Crewe is famous as one of the centres of the nascent railway industry of the early 19th century, as well as a centre for Rolls Royce engine manufacturing.

Records on Deceased Online
The management of cemeteries and crematoria, together with their records, was previously split between offices in Macclesfield and Crewe, and all records are available on Deceased Online:

Crewe Office:

  • Congleton Cemetery, 500 records from 2004 to 2015
  • Coppenhall Cemetery, 10,400 records from 1861 to 2015
  • Crewe Cemetery, 51,750 records from 1872 to 2016
  • Nantwich Cemetery, 11,150 records from 1870 to 2015 *
  • Sandbach Cemetery, 3,950 records from 1935 to 2015
  • Weston Cemetery, 1,150 records from 1908 to 2015
  • Crewe Crematorium, 52,100 records from 1954 to 2009

Macclesfield Office:

  • Macclesfield Cemetery, 59,000 records from 1866 to 1997
  • Macclesfield Crematorium, 40,000 records from 1960 to 1997
  • Alderley Edge Cemetery, 3,000 records from 1907 to 1997
  • Knutsford Cemetery, 6,500 records from 1902 to 1997
  • Wilmslow Cemetery, 5,800 records from 1907 to 1997

The records comprise digital scans of all grave registers or cremation indexes and grave details for each of the graves and their occupants.

* There is an historic lack of accuracy in some of the original register entries of older records in Nantwich cemetery.

Note: to comply with UK data protection and GDPR, addresses of the deceased are masked in burial register scans for the last 15 years.

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