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Cambridge City Council

Cambridge City Crematorium, Huntingdon Road, Girton, Cambridge, CB3 0JJ.

Approximately 32,000 burial and 143,000 cremation records are available, with a mixture of register scans and computerised records. Maps showing the exact locations of graves and digital photographs of headstones are also expected to be added.

Newmarket Road Cemetery also known as Cambridge City Cemetery - Added 23 February 2010
Burials numbered 1 to 31,912, dated 3 June 1903 to 28 June 2005, are available as burial register scans in various formats at between 10 and 20 entries per scanned page. Subsequent data is available only as fully computerised records. In some cases data is available in both scan and computerised form. This has been done where each source contributes different valuable information, e.g. death and denomination (and sometimes occupation) in the computerised record, and death registration detail in the scan.

Cambridge City Crematorium - Added 23 February 2010
Cremations 1 to 104,953, dated 21 December 1938 to 28 June 1996, are available as cremation register scans at 8 entries per page. Cremations from 29 June 1996 are available only as fully computerised records and there are no associated register scans.

Huntingdon Road Cemetery
This is a new cemetery. Data for this cemetery will become available from next year as computerised records only.

Histon Road Cemetery
The Histon Road cemetery was managed and run by Cambridge City Council until 2007. It has since been passed to The Friends of Histon Road Cemetery, and the records for Histon Road cemetery and Mill Road Cemetery are held at Shire Hall. The records for this cemetery are not available on Deceased Online.

Mill Road Cemetery
The records for Mill Road Cemetery are held at Shire Hall, and are not available on Deceased Online..


For the purposes of the UK Data Protection Act, the names and addresses of funeral applicants, and details of other persons who may still be alive, have been withheld from publication in records of cremations that have taken place during the last 75 years.

Cambridge City Crematorium have also requested that the addresses of the deceased and places of death not be shown in computerised cremation register records for the last 13 years. Similarly, the address of the deceased in burial scans is withheld for the same period.

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