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Brookwood Cemetery

Brookwood Cemetery,
Glades House,
Cemetery Pales,
GU24 0BL

website: Brookwood Cemetery

Brookwood Cemetery is the largest in the UK and, at the time of its opening to the public in November 1854, it was the largest cemetery in the world. Brookwood Cemetery was conceived by the London Necropolis Company in 1849 and they designed a special railway system through the grounds to carry coffins and mourners, which branched off the South Western Mainline. The cemetery was divided into two halves; one for Anglicans and one for non-conformists, and each half had a station.

Brookwood Military Cemetery is the largest commonwealth war cemetery in the UK. The land was initially designated for military burials during World War I, and its use continued during World War II and beyond. Brookwood is the final resting place of thousands of service men and women from Europe, Canada, and the United States, and includes memorials for many more military personnel who were not buried in the cemetery.

The beautiful and expansive grounds of Brookwood Cemetery are the site of fourteen Grade II and one Grade II* listed memorials and the resting place of a great many interesting people, such as portrait artist John Singer Sargent, political champion Charles Bradlaugh, author and journalist Dame Rebecca West, and St Edward the Martyr; King of England from 975 to 978 AD.

Brookwood Cemetery's website holds a great deal of information for visitors.

Approximately 243,000 individual burial records from 1854 to 2016 are available to view on Deceased Online, which each include digital scans of the original registers, and some records also have maps showing the approximate location of the grave.

Important Information: please note

The numbering of graves and naming of sections within Brookwood Cemetery are unusual and some information has been lost. Where a note has been made that a person has been buried within an existing grave, the new burial has been given this grave number.

Where possible, the historically named sections have been given their modern section number. Many of the old sections have been split into various numbered plots and it is not possible to know exactly in which numbered plots some burials are to be found.

For further help locating graves, please contact Brookwood's Bereavement Services team. Information about grave searches can be found on their website.

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