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Salford City Council

Four cemeteries and two crematoria are managed by Salford City Council.
Salford City Council
Langley Road
M27 8SS

website: Salford City Council

Salford city lies in the Greater Manchester area to the west of Manchester city and has a rich history dating back to the Neolithic Age. In the late 1700's, Salford was little more than a village on the River Irwell, but the Industrial Revolution saw people flocking to the town to work in the new textile factories and resulted in a massive population boom. In the 18th and 19th centuries Salford was a major cotton, silk, and weaving factory town and an inland port on the Manchester Ship Canal. Salford was granted city status in 1926 and, today, the city is home to over 245,000 people. The city boasts over 250 listed buildings, including Salford Cathedral and three ancient monument sites.

Records Available on Deceased Online

  • Agecroft Cemetery - 51,282 records from 1903 to 2003
    (Originally known as Salford Northern Cemetery)
  • Peel Green Cemetery - 44,276 records from 1879 to 2010
    (Originally known as Eccles Cemetery)
  • Swinton Cemetery - 16,940 records from 1886 to 2012
  • Agecroft Crematorium - 48,205 records from 1957 to 1999
  • Peel Green Crematorium - 44,499 records from 1955 to 2001
  • Weaste Cemetery - 332,837 records from 1857 to 2002

The records comprise digital scans of all burial and cremation registers, cemetery maps showing the section in which the grave is located*, and grave details* for each of the graves and their occupants.

* Unfortunately, many grave locations were not recorded in the historic registers from Weaste cemetery and, as such, we are unable to display a location or other occupants for approximately half of the Weaste records.

Note: to comply with UK data protection and GDPR, addresses of the deceased are masked in register scans for the last 15 years.

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