Register Summary

For the record you selected from the Search Results page, this page shows you the summary details and which additional details are available to view.

To view additional details you must be logged in and have a balance in your account. Each item has an associated cost, which is shown in each case. The amount will be subtracted from your account when you view the item.

You may be presented with any of the following as available additional details:

  • Full register details
  • Grave details and other burials in the grave
  • Burial/cremation register scan
  • Photograph of a Memorial
  • Photograph of a Grave
  • Map(s) to show the position of a grave or memorial

The list of items will depend on what is available from from the supplying burial or cremation authority in general, and what is available for the chosen record in particular.

Once you have paid to view an item, you may continue to view it again, for no additional charge, as many times as you wish, for up to 6 months after the first viewing. During that time you may print off and/or download viewed materials (subject to our Terms & Conditions of use).

NOTE: If both a computerised register record and a scan of the register page on which the entry originally appeared are available to view, then if you spend credits to view one of these, you may view the other free of charge.