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London Borough of Sutton:
records for 2 cemeteries now available

  • Deceased Online has added all burial records for two cemeteries in the London Borough of Sutton in the south of the Capital. 
  • The two cemeteries are Sutton Cemetery (off Oldfields Rd) with records starting in 1889 and Cuddington Cemetery (Worcester Park) with all records from 1902. 
  • Burial register scans and grave details are immediately available and cemetery section maps for grave locations will be added soon. 
  • All records for Merton & Sutton Joint Cemetery (aka Garth Road Cemetery) are already available on the website. 
  • Records for Bandon Hill Cemetery (Wallington) will be added early in 2014. 
Register scans (example below) for Sutton Cemetery are not only beautifully written and laid out but include wonderful detail including the occupation or status of the deceased together will other full personal details and grave references.

7 Wiltshire cemeteries back online

  • All burial records for Wiltshire Council* in England’s Southwest have now been added to 
  • The data, which dates back to 1856, is from all 7 cemeteries managed by the Council.  

    *These records were briefly available on Deceased Online in the spring of 2011 but were withdrawn for further enhancements. 

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