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Records added for 8 cemeteries in Redcar & Cleveland, North Yorkshire

  • Redcar & Cleveland is the first council area in North Yorkshire included on with the addition of all records for 8 cemeteries dating back to 1857.
  • Immediately available are records for 4 locations:
    • Boosbeck (1931 - 2010)
    • Brotton (1936 - 2010)
    • Eston (1865 - 2010)
    • Guisborough (1873 – 2010)
  • The records available comprise scans of burial registers, details of each grave and, coming soon, cemetery section maps indicating grave locations
  • Records for the remaining four cemeteries will be available very soon. For full details, see the database coverage summary.

    The location and history of Redcar & Cleveland on the North Yorkshire coast are reflected in many of the burial records such as this mariner’s memorial,


The National Archives (TNA), burial ground removals

  • Following last week’s launch of burial ground removals dating back to the 16th century, many users have asked about more details of the TNA records.
  • All information on the nearly 200 burial grounds are listed by English or Welsh region and then in alphabetical order by county in the database coverage section.
  • Among the 105,000 records available currently (more will be added next week), those with the highest number of burials include:
    • Cathay’s Cemetery, Cardiff (1828-1992)
    • Old Cemetery, Gloucester (1800-1973)
    • Holy Trinity Churchyard, Liverpool (1790-1887)
    • Bath Street Burial Ground,Walsall (1756-1941)
    • West Hill Cemetery, Winchester (1826-1970)
    • Several sites in Manchester and Salford dating from 1508


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