Peterborough Cathedral records
include a Scottish and an English queen

  • One of the UK's top 10 historic landmarks*, Peterborough Cathedral (pictured), has had all identifiable burial records digitized and uploaded to

* according to a 2007 survey

Exterior of Peterborough Cathedral
Exterior of Peterborough Cathedral

  • All available records from the mid 16th century are included, together with some earlier records which date back to the early 12th Century. Full details here
  • We believe that this is the first time that any Cathedral has digitized its burial records and made them available online**

** Brechin Cathedral (records also available on Deceased Online) is, strictly speaking, no longer a cathedral

  • The Peterborough Cathedral records feature many notable burials; including Mary Stuart, Queen of Scots, executed in 1587 in Fotheringhay Castle, and Catherine of Aragon, Queen of England and first wife of Henry VIII
  • The records comprise scans of register entries (until 1995) and some photos of memorials and graves

Brompton Cemetery records start next week

Next week we start uploading records for the historic Brompton Cemetery in West London. This is the first time that one of the 'Magnificent Seven' Victorian Garden cemeteries has had all records digitized and made available through any website.

London's Cemeteries To celebrate the Brompton Cemetery records on Deceased Online, we'll be offering you the chance to win copies of the excellent pocket-sized guidebook, London's Cemeteries.

Those wishing to enter the series of competitions will need to look regularly at our Facebook and Blog pages.

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