Records for 4 Bolton cemeteries now available

  • A full range of records for Astley Bridge and Blackrod cemeteries in the Lancashire town of Bolton have been added to
  • Over 230,000 records from four Bolton cemeteries are now available to search; data for the remaining three cemeteries and Overdale Crematorium will be added very soon
  • Astley Bridge dates back to 1884 and Blackrod to 1887 and the data comprises:
    • Details of all graves indicating those buried in each grave
    • Scans of all burial registers
    • Cemetery maps indicating grave sections
  • For full details on Astley Bridge and Blackrod, and the other Bolton cemeteries and the crematorium, click here
  • Astley Bridge includes graves of many prominent local citizens including three mayors, one of whom - Henry Warburton - is famous as co-founder (with his uncle Thomas) of the eponymous Warburtons, one of the UK's biggest bakery brands

Find out more about the remarkable Henry Warburton - master baker, mayor and Bolton Wanderers FC director - in Emma Jolly's latest blog. Register now at:

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