Burial records for 7 cemeteries in
the London Borough of Harrow now available

  • All burial records for the seven cemeteries managed by the London Borough of Harrow in West London have been added to www.deceasedonline.com
  • The data comprises digital burial register scans, grave details and maps indicating the location of graves within each cemetery
  • The seven cemeteries are
    • Eastcote Lane: over 4,700 burials, 1922 - 2012
    • Harrow: over 9,500 burials, 1888 - 2012
    • Harrow Weald: over 12,000 burials,1937 - 2012
    • Paines Lane: approximately 3,600 burials from 1860 - 2009 (note, records pre-1931 will be added within the next few weeks)
    • Pinner New: over 18,000 burials, 1932 - 2012
    • Roxeth Hill: nearly 700 burials, 1902 - 1977
    • Wealdstone: approximately 10,200 burials, 1902 - 2011
  • Harrow Council is the 8th London council to have its burial and/or cremation data included on Deceased Online
  • See the database coverage section at www.deceasedonline.com for data details of all London and other UK areas

Coming soon: data for 3 more London councils as well as 2 of London's most celebrated independent cemeteries. For full details, see the Database Coverage section at www.deceasedonline.com

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