15,000+ extra records for Peterhead
added to www.deceasedonline.com

Burials date back to 1615

  • The burial records for a second cemetery in Peterhead, Aberdeenshire have been added to www.deceasedonline.com.
  • St Peter's Churchyard (also known as Old St Peter's Church, Burial Ground) contains 15,426 burials and the records comprise digital scans of burial registers, together with grave details indicating names of any others buried in the same grave.
  • Information in the registers includes grave owner names, owner's address or occupation, date of interment, age and address of the deceased.
  • St Peter's Churchyard's records date back to 1615 and these are some of the very oldest records on the Deceased Online website.
  • The other cemetery in Peterhead on the Deceased Online website is Constitution Street (also known as Peterhead Cemetery or 'Consti') with records dating back to 1869.
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